Meet Stacy

of My Real Fake Life

Stacy helps people make better choices.

She helps stressed out, stretched thin and overworked women get back into balance. She teaches you how to make better choices about the food you eat and the thoughts you think.


Stacy believes that all women deserve to live lives that are healthy, authentic and empowered, unencumbered by fatigue, self-criticism and doubt. By combining functional nutrition with meditation and gratitude, she helps you reach REAL health - physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. 


By way of training she used to be a litigator in New York City. Over the years, she defined her passion and she's now a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, a Certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, a gratitude expert and a fitness coach.


She uses nutritional therapy to identify deficiencies and system imbalances in your body. Then she helps strengthen them through proper diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. She believes that by supporting the foundations of health you can support your body's natural ability to heal.


Whether your goal is weight loss, reducing stress, digestive health, blood sugar regulation, reducing inflammation or autoimmune management, she can help. She knows that everyone is different. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach with Stacy.  By respecting your bio-individual needs and meeting you where you are she helps support you.  Feeling your best and making healthy choices isn't simply about nutrition, or self care or mindset.


It's about all of those things - it's about all of your choices.


Do you want to improve your energy, well-being and quality of life?


Nutritional Therapy is deeply rooted in the idea that true and lasting wellness starts with a nutrient-dense, whole food diet. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with food propaganda and an overwhelming amount of conflicting dietary recommendations. Many of us have been programmed to believe that disease and sickness are inevitable, as are the accompanying pills and medications that are prescribed to alleviate these symptoms.

Stacy begins with a simpler approach by addressing and supporting key foundations which support the body’s ability to heal itself :

    • Digestion
    • Sugar-handling
    • Fatty Acid Metabolism
    • Mineral Balance
    • Hydration


By helping you adopt a more nutrient-dense diet and supporting the foundations of health Stacy helps bring your body back into balance, setting the stage for optimal health.  She also uses meditation to help you reduce stress, manage outdated and conditioned ways of responding to triggers and create a more peaceful life.

By working with Stacy you’ll discover the root causes of your health concerns. Through changes in diet, mindset, and lifestyle (all individually tailored), you’ll have the tools to live a life full of energy, vitality, stable moods and healthy weight.  You'll learn how to make better choices.


Her Journey to Body Acceptance and Peace


As a wife, mother of three and a retired attorney she knows that life gets busy.  Kids need us, there's a deadline at work, groceries need to be picked up or aging parents need attention. There's always a reason for not prioritizing ourselves. And sometimes, even when we do concentrate on ourselves, nothing changes or we still feel stuck. She knows this because she’s been there herself.  A few years ago she reached a point where she was uncomfortable in her skin regardless of how much she worked out or how many miles she ran.  No matter how cleanly and consciously she ate, she still felt stuck and it started to affect other parts of her life because she was preoccupied.  She was doing everything right but she still felt wrong. And she was very self-critical.


Then she reached a tipping point and in a moment of clarity and self compassion she realized that she wasn't a failure because she couldn't lose a few pounds or because she ate some carbs!  By using nutritional therapy, meditation, gratitude and a whole heap of self-compassion she changed the course of her life. And you can, too!


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